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ShelbyNext is our church database system. Having access to your profile, you can access the Church Covenant Partner Directory, check-in for Sunday Worship Attendance, manage your Giving, and keep your Contact Information updated when necessary!

IPad and IPhone Users

1. Go to App Store and download: ShelbyNext Membership

2. Open App on your IPhone. Delete the word Domain and type: firstpreskingwood

3. Click on ‘Forgot Password?’ You will be asked for your Email address. Type in your email and follow prompts that come up on your screen. Pull up your email and tap on ‘You can login here’

4. Next Screen will appear and will say ‘Hello (Your Name)!’

5. Tap on the button that says ‘My Info’

6. Listed under your name on the next screen tap ‘profile with the arrow’ and choose ‘Account’

7. This will allow you to reset your password. Confirm the new password, scroll down and tap ‘Save’ button

8. You should now be in your ShelbyNext Profile!

Android Users

1. Go to Google Play and download: ShelbyNext Membership

2. Proceed with #2 listed above under IPhone Users by typing in the “Domain”

Laptop & Desktop Computers:

1. Enter the website below in your browser: https://firstpreskingwood.shelbynextchms.com or CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW

2. On the Login Screen click on ‘Forgot Password?’

3. Proceed with #3 listed under IPhone Users.

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