Support Groups

Support Groups are friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through life's trials alone.

Grief Recovery

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Parlor, Chapel, Conference Room

Grief Recovery at First Pres focuses on encouraging people who are suffering loss, often of a spouse, parent, or child. The support is in group settings, usually done with video programs and small group discussions.

Stephen Ministry

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First Pres Kingwood

Stephen Ministry is a distinctively Christian ministry, providing one-on-one support to anyone in our community dealing with difficult or stressful chapters in their lives– loss, divorce, retirement, health issues, or any stressful season. Stephen ministers are trained to walk beside people burdened by life’s issues.‍

Sent Groups

The Vision

The vision is this: that every covenant partner and active participant in the life of our church would be connected to a group…we call them “Sent Groups.” These groups are relationally-focused, geographically-based groups of 15-20 adults that exist for congregational care during times of crisis. Anytime trouble comes, these groups  activate and reach out to one another to ensure that everyone is safe, has what they need, and knows that they are loved.

How Does it Work?

The only way to do this is to have everyone on board! These groups are lead by staff and our ordained elders and deacons, but the real work is left to the covenant partners and active participants in the life of First Pres. You can follow the link below to register for a Sent Group today!

Current Focus

Help our community be prepared for unexpected disasters such as heavy rains, flooding, and tornados. Members of the SENT GROUPS can reach out to each other when inclement weather is in the forecast, make sure members have an emergency plan in place, remind members to keep all devices charged, etc… These simple things help us stay connected and enables us to care for one another and pray for one another. We genuinely hope that you will all join us in this effort and sign up this Sunday!

Join a Sent Group today!

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