PRAYER works! Thank you for keeping our covenant partners and their families in your prayers this week. We do our best to keep prayer requests updated daily; however, if you see a request listed that is no longer accurate, we would love to know the update. This helps guide the Care Team and covenant partners who receive the daily prayer lists on how to pray for the requester’s specific needs. If the requester is not able to express their needs but allows someone else to express their needs, they can contact Lisa at the office or submit an update with a new prayer request.

The Family of James Economy

following his passing on (3/23).

The Family of Mark Kelly, (Marilyn Goff’s brother)

following his passing on (3/18).

The Family of Louise Wilson, (former member)

following her passing - week of (3/13) at age 97.

Rev. Sabrina Hergert

is scheduled for oral surgery on Thursday, (3/30)

Ralph Norman, (Jennifer Erb’s father)

begins in-home hospice care.

Linda Tanguma, (Ester Zavala’s mother)

begins hospice care.

Paul Roberts, (Jim & Martha Morris’ son)

PRAISE GOD! PET Scan shows no cancer - will still have his 5th chemo treatment, Monday (3/27).

Jennifer McClure, (John Gearhart’s daughter)

being treated for mono from diagnosis on (3/22).

Joanne Knorr, (Dave Vannauker’s sister)

tested positive for Covid and having vision problems.

Jane Quebedeaux

is being treated for pneumonia.

Nancy Goodell

badly sprained ankle on (3/19).

Brenda Miller, (Assoc. Director at CFS)

being treated for pneumonia.

Theresa Epstein

recovering from shoulder replacement on (3/21).

Brooke, (Mary Poling’s cousin’s granddaughter)

recovering from brain surgery on (3/21).

Tom Atchison, (Steve Atchison’s brother)

recovering from triple bypass surgery on (3/20).

Susan Burroughs

recovering from kidney stone surgery on (3/24).

Wilson Humphrey

moved to Rehab Floor at KW Medical for PT after falling and hospitalized (3/15).

Grandpa Roger, (Mary Poling’s cousin’s husband)

waiting on results from bladder biopsy on (3/22).

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